Grief and loss are a normal part of life and the majority of people are able to cope with grief in their own way, in their own time with the support of family, friends and community. Sometimes our grief can feel too much to deal with on our own and the help of professional bereavement support may be needed, for a time. 

Liz Gleeson offers one-to-one support for those bereaved or experiencing loss of any kind, in her private practice in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. She also offers sessions on Skype, for those unable to travel to Wicklow. Liz works with children and adults of all abilities and backgrounds. She has worked extensively with people experiencing a variety of losses. Liz offers traditional 'talk therapy' as well as bereavement support through movement therapy.

Sessions are 50 minutes and cost €75. 

Liz has a MSc in Bereavement Studies from the Irish Hospice Foundation and has trained in Complicated Grief Therapy with Kathy Shear of the Centre for Complicated Grief, USA and Susan Delaney of the IHF (see below). She offers annual workshops on Grief and Loss to IAHIP members and offers Open Floor workshops that explore the theme of grief through the body so that we can better understand and work through grief on every level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Complicated Grief

Complicated grief is an intense and long-lasting form of grief that can take over a person's life. It is natural to experience acute grief after someone close dies, but complicated grief is different. Complicated grief is a form of grief that takes hold of a person's mind and won't let go. People with complicated grief often say that they feel 'stuck'. Treatment for complicated grief differs from bereavement counselling or therapy. Possible symptoms of complicated grief include:

  • Pangs of grief are persistent, prolonged and/or very intense.

  • Difficulty accepting the finality of the death with persistent intense yearning/longing.

  • Inability to perform the usual tasks of day to day living.

  • Preoccupation with thoughts of the deceased.

  • Normal tasks seem overwhelming and require a lot of energy.

  • Social withdrawal and avoidance are pronounced.

  • High death anxiety/preoccupation with death.

  • Over-Idealisation of the deceased.

  • Rigid/ritualistic behaviour.

  • Chronic anger.

Complicated Grief Therapy (developed by M. Katherine Shear, MD) is a research-validated composite psychotherapy treatment protocol that has shown better response rates than interpersonal psychotherapy for people presenting with complicated grief. Liz is available for Complicated Grief assessment and treatment. 

After an initial assessment, weekly sessions are 50-60 minutes and cost €100. Treatment for complicated grief involves a 16 week commitment. Sessions via Skype are also possible. 087 2934699