Open Floor Therapy in Motion

Therapy in Motion is a branch of Open Floor Movement Practice. It includes the body to bring about healing, integration and improved therapeutic outcomes.

Every aspect of our psychology -- emotional, social, familial, historical, relational -- is experienced through our bodies. Emotions, concepts, imagination, memory and intentions make themselves known to us and others by way of an intricately sensitive and finely tuned web of sensate experience, changing hormonal compositions and neurological pathways in the brain.

When our movement is frozen, it is reflected in stuck emotional states and repetitive patterns of behavior. When we are overwhelmed or dysregulated emotionally, we are likely to feel ungrounded, off center or out of touch with our physical presence inside our body.

When therapists can experience and view this interconnection, it becomes possible for them to help clients to translate therapeutic issues into movement. By including body sensations and movement into already existing psychotherapeutic approaches, a therapist can increase the depth and efficacy of their work with richer therapeutic outcomes for clients.

Verbal narratives, relational dynamics and body language are all telling an valuable aspect of the same story. Through conscious embodiment, both client and therapist become multilingual. 

With Therapy in Motion, you can expect to:

- Learn how to resource yourself through movement. 

- Use movement as an effective method of integrating the different aspects of your life. 

- Learn how to shift fixed patterns when needed, and when to stabilize what is too fluid and in flux. 

- Uncover unconscious limiting habits and move towards more creative possibilities and a wider range of choices.

Roots of Therapy in Motion 

Liz offers one-to-one Therapy in Motion sessions from her private practice in Greystones. Please do get in touch if you'd like more details.

Liz Gleeson 087 2934699/